Special Ed Program

"Teaching with the heart and senses."

Seraphim Academy intends to develop a highly effective and progressive program in the area of Special Education. We focus on differentiated instruction, recognizing the image of Christ in each child, so to, therefore, satisfy his/her unique and special needs wholeheartedly.

Learning dysfunctions impact academics and social skills. We offer a highly disciplined and structured, Faith integrated, curriculum-based approach to overcoming these challenges.

In a mutual collaboration between parents, teacher and special needs coordinator, a customized program is developed from the student assessments of strength's and needs. Each child will receive many hours each day of one-on-one instruction and assistance from a teacher trained in such areas of multi-sensory learning, differentiated instruction and traditional academic methods.

Our teacher/student ratio will not exceed one per/three. The teacher will be the Special Ed coordinator or Special Ed assistant. Students will spend half the day in Special Ed learning and half a day in grade appropriate classrooms. The Special Ed Program will be offered in a private classroom for the exclusive use of our Special Ed students.

Computer technology will be utilized in a moderate way to assist the learning styles and needs of our students.

Concrete monthly assessments will be done by our special education coordinator to ensure ongoing progress. Quarterly reportings will be offered to parents addressing the quality and quantity of the progress in real definable terms.


Special Ed students are accepted into our program based on their difficulty at school or home depending upon the age. From a telephone conversation with parents or face-to-face discussion, it is usually sufficient to determine the needs of the student and our ability to meet them since most parents are able to identify clearly and accurately the problems that their child is experiencing.

In addition to the appropriateness of our program for a particular student, parents will have to provide the required sacramental certificates and pastoral letter indicating that they are practising Catholics in good standing in the Church.

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