Our Patron Saints

St Catharine of Alexandria

St. Catherine of Alexandria is the patroness of our diocese. Therefore, she exercises a special role and influence on all Catholics of our diocese. This includes us at Seraphim Academy.

As a martyred convert and ancient Eastern saint from Egypt,             St. Catherine has been entitled the patroness of philosophers and preachers. We can draw much inspiration from her for the benefit of our students and community. Since her resting place is at Mt. Sinai, and her death was the result of her speaking the Truth in its purity, we can draw much insight by penetrating her witness to Christ. We might gain a deeper appreciation of our call to Evangelize. St. Catherine of Alexandria, pray for us.

St. Francis

St. Francis of Assisi is our patron saint. The works of St. Bonaventure, Dun Scotus, St. Maxmillian Kolbey and other Franciscan saints will be utilized in the development of our curriculum and pedagogy. (Giotto's painting of St. Francis of Assisi before the Saracen Sultan)

St. Rafka

St. Rafka (Rebecca), a Maronite saint, is also a patron saint of the Academy. A modern saint, her fame in teaching became quite renown throughout Lebanon. She is an excellent role model for our educators in their work to be instruments of teaching sanctity to our students.

Our Lady, under the title and privilege of "The Immaculate Conception" is the particular means in which the staff, students and members of Seraphim Academy will come to love her and her Son, more.