Admissions Info

Seraphim Academy a private school for Catholics in Niagara, requires all students to undergo an application process, as well as a student assessment and placement. Testing will be done in June of all students to determine that they have met the milestones of their grade level. Also, all new students will be tested to determine the grade level best suited for them and to determine the level of the student academically and spiritually. This is done, not as a means to refuse admittance, but to provide a more solid understanding of his/her particular needs and suitability for our rigorous program. No student will be refused admittance based on poor scoring. We take each child from where he is and bridge the distance to his appropriate grade level by directly working with him/her via special applications. These students however, may need to be placed below their grade level or in a special education program that can offer more one on one learning. Please note that our curriculum is challenging and often as much as two grade levels above modern schools. For those students who are advanced in their test scores, provisions will be made to ensure that work is challenging and stimulating.

Please note that quarterly reporting will be offered yearly in order to provide parents and students the opportunity to apply various measures that may be required to improve student performance. We offer parents detailed and constructive information to better assist their children's needs. Teachers are required to make monthly assessments of their students. We ensure that the appropriate assistance is being offered to each student to provide the best means for success.

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Principal's Corner

History Student

Reinstating private school Historical Studies in Education

Our Curriculum is history and language based with History at the center and Latin as our prominent classical language. Our students will study each epoch of our world's history. Each epoch will be covered, chronologically, from its beginning to end.

The Ancient Epochs covered will be:

1) 5000 BC to 400 AD
2) Medieval/Early Renaissance
    400-1600 AD
3) Late Renaissance/Early Modern
    1600-1850 AD

4) 1850-Present times

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Our Christian Heritage & Patrimony

We are committed to offering our students the patrimony of ancient wisdom. To accomplish this, we use the most solid traditions of the past in both academia and theology. We employ the works of great literary authors and philosophers such as Plato, Socrates, Aristotle; the writings of the early Church Fathers such as St. Ephraem, the Cappadocian Fathers, St. Augustine, St. Dionysus, St. Bonaventure, etc.; the study of historical epics and people; and so on.

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Will universities accept our students?

Our primary efforts are to ensure that our students will eventually be accepted into Ontario universities. We will seek this privilege beginning this year. Some of the curriculum has already been gaining recognition among the universities. By utilizing certified teachers and principals, along with high standards, and solid curriculum, we will endeavour to gain the recognition needed from our Ontario universities. Many Independent and private schools in Ontario have succeeded in doing so. It is achievable and we will work our best to acquire this privilege.

We are, also, members of OFIS, The Ontario Federation of Independent Schools of Ontario.

To acquire more information on entrance options, please notify the administration Therese Aycho at (289)-438-6163 in St. Catharines.

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A new global education for the two lungs of the Church

Today we are faced with an immediate challenge in education in regards to our ever growing diversity in students' cultural and Catholic heritage. It seems to be more imperative than ever, to broaden the realm of western education to include the east. Intercultural education within Seraphim Academy will only further Pope Benedict's vision of a universal curriculum. We are implementing an expansion in our curriculum that addresses specifically the cultural and spiritual aspects of both the Eastern and Western Churches, so that each of our Catholic students will recognize his own Catholic patrimony. This will also permit each Catholic student to recognize God's magnificent plan in establishing the various Catholic Rites for the benefit of the whole Church and world in building that universal "Catholic Age". Our students will have that unique privilege and grace to see the Church globally through multicultural eyes and universal hearts.