The Best of Professionals

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Lynne Orr

Lynne Orr is an OCT certified teacher with over 18 years of teaching experience within the Niagara catholic School Board. She is a mother of four children and holds specialization in high school math and science.


Sandra Ross Gowans

Sandra Ross Gowans is an OCT certified teacher with specialization in elementary teaching. She also holds many years of experience working with those of various special needs. As a mother of two children she has much to offer our young students.

Principal Nial Murray

Mr. Nial Murray (Co-Principal) has a B.Sc. from the University of Montreal, Quebec and M. ED. from the University of St. Michael, Burlington Vermont. He has 27 years experience in teaching high school Science, Math and Religion, 22 years of which was spent in educating slow-learners and physically challenged children as well.

Principal Therese Aycho

Mrs.Therese Aycho (Co-Principal) has been actively involved in education as a home school mother of her seven children for the past 14 years. She has been utilizing a solid Catholic Liberal Arts Curriculum in her children's education and possesses a self-learned knowledge of many aspects of education through independent studies. Mrs. Aycho also possesses a background college education in Interior Decorating and Design and work experience in Fashion Design, Retail Sales Management & Restaurant/Catering Ownership and Management. This background brings with it a wealth of experience in business and the Arts which will help further the cause of Seraphim Academy's success and curriculum development in beauty.

Mrs. Aycho is a certified private school Principal via York University and OFIS.