Why is our slogan "Teaching Wisdom... Inspiring Piety"?

St. Louis De Montfort describes "Wisdom as a delectable knowledge or taste for God and His Truths. It possesses both a natural and supernatural dimension. Natural wisdom is an eminent degree of knowledge pertaining to things in their principle. Supernatural Wisdom is an eminent knowledge of those things in their origin that pertain to the supernatural and divine."

One of the special charisms of St. Francis was his piety. Piety is a virtue that is grounded in humility. A pious person recognizes his/her place in society, creation and the world, fulfilling his duties and responsibilities to others and God with as much love, respect and perfection as he is capable of. The fruit of this virtue is often recognized as devotion and reverence.

Our private school, Seraphim Academy recognizes and endeavours to form its students in holiness. Therefore, attaining to the cultivation of "wisdom and piety" will go a long way in providing our students the foundation and means to grow spiritually, socially, and intellectually.