As our world becomes more tech orientated with large city dwellings, modern enclosed homes, and tall buildings and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it becomes more difficult to see God in His creation and creatures, on a day to day basis. Prayer time often gets side sacked when social, educational and work activities infringe upon our evening times.

More than ever, the concept of a Catholic home being the domestic church is giving way to secular values and activities. Parents rely heavily on schools to transmit their Catholic Faith to their children.

For this reason, we have adopted the spirituality of St. Francis as the means to provide the practical application of our Faith to our students.

Our curriculum and staff will be formed in this spirituality to deliver a consistent spiritual approach to their work and pedagogy, enabling them to become ever stronger and pure religious examples to follow. Parents, also, will have the opportunity to attend our monthly Franciscan styled conferences, to enable them to grow spiritually as well.

We feel that the Franciscan spirituality is, especially, effective for young students as it approaches God through the heart and senses more than the intellect, although the two are intimately united. It's appeal lies, also, in that it uses a direct and real rather than notional assent in all fields of knowledge. Students will be taught to see God through His Traces in the sensory world; to see His Image in the mind, to see God's Goodness in human goodness; to see His Powers in the operation of our own powers.

Franciscans approach God through His Sacred Humanity. Jesus Christ is the center of creation. Everything converges to Him. Our students will learn how to fall in love with God, to desire to imitate Him and to acquire holiness via the Sacred Humanity of Christ.

Seraphim Academy has integrated prayer time and encouragement of the regular practise of the sacraments for our students. The Holy Rosary will be prayed daily, too. Sacred Art of the masters is employed generously in the text and work books to instill a deeper love of beauty and God.

Homework will be given respectfully, so as not to intrude greatly on family time.