Our Healthy Lunch Program

At Seraphim Academy we endeavour to implement a continuity and uniformity of ideals and instruction in all of our programs. Our Science, Health and Fitness Programs are especially designed to be in line with Church Teachings, traditional time-proven and updated scientific validations. In order to give our students a practical understanding of diet and nutrition with an appreciation of ancient and diverse cultural foods, we have designed a mouth watering menu that is based on whole foods; an array of pleasing tastes (for children); and the usage of a vast variety of vegetables, fruits and legumes to provide optimal nutritional benefits. This will serve in part the culturing process of our students as well as providing them the opportunity to relate classroom instruction with practical cooking techniques and dishes.

Our students will also be given the opportunity to create some of these foods themselves through our Domestic Arts Program.

In addition, we are providing our lunch menu items at a very reasonable price so that our students may be able to afford to partake in this excellent and convenient program.

For the nominal cost of $3.00 to $4.50/lunch our students will be able to purchase a wholesome lunch.

All of our dishes are made fresh with whole and natural ingredients. Unnatural preservatives, colourings and other intrusive chemicals will be avoided as best as possible.

We offer an array of popular cultural dishes to ensure daily variety and exposure to a diversity of healthy food choice options.

For the present, our lunch program will run on selected feast days and occasions.