Our classrooms are grounds where our students will be trained in the art of critical thinking, learning to discern the good from the bad.They will acquire the intellectual weapons needed to do battle in today's world of false ideologies and philosophies. They will be educated to embrace and detect precise knowledge, true discernment and logic. Their eyes and hearts will be focused on truth and all in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi who exercised kindness and meekness to every person. He dealt patiently with everyone's opinions and ideas no matter how much they differed from his own.

Our teachers will possess mastery over the subjects they teach so that the classroom may come to life from his/her in depth knowledge of the subject. With their kind attitude and helpful mannerisms, students will become engaged and dedicated to learning and penetrating the material at hand.

Our teachers will encourage discussion and questioning from our students, utilizing these as opportunities to form correct ideas and principles. This method will prepare our students for life which is the purpose of teaching.

Another dynamic of our classroom will be the regular use of mentor periods. These will occur weekly and at the completion of each new module or set of modules. Mentor periods will permit students to discuss any material of the textbook that is problematic or poses some level of difficulty. This will allow students' concerns to be cleared up, giving the teacher the chance to gain insight into the students.

All teachers are to see their students as younger brothers and sisters in Christ, with humility and sincere affection.

These approaches will generate much enthusiasm which will be the hallmark of our classrooms, breeding dynamism and energy.