Application Procedure for Seraphim Academy; private education school for Catholics in the heart of the Niagara Region.

1) Complete Application Form. Application is available for download.

2) Submit report cards, from previous school years.

3) Upon receipt of application and report cards, an appointment will be made for an assessment, evaluation and interview with our Assessment Team.

4) If interested in a full Admissions Package call Mrs. Therese Aycho at (289)438-6163 or email:

Application Form

Admissions Policy

Seraphim Academy is a Traditional private school in Niagara, that is dedicated to the spiritual and academic formation of our Catholic students. Our curriculum is fully integrated with our Catholic Faith. It is, therefore, important that our students are from families that take their faith seriously. Otherwise, the children may become confused and at disparity between the teachings at school and those at home. For this reason we insist that our students are being provided the continuity and support of the Faith from home to school and Church, which, of course, only occurs when they are from practising Catholic families.

All students are required to provide Baptismal Certificates and other applicable sacramental certificates indicating that they were received within the Roman Catholic Church.

Parents are required to provide an original copy of their marriage certificate indicating their marriage within the Catholic Church. In addition, a letter from their parish priest is required, validating that they are practising Catholics in good standing in the Roman Catholic Church.

Parents will need to initial and sign a "Faith Summary" document reflecting their acknowledgement of the teachings of the Catholic Church and their adherence to them. As well, other particulars needed for the enrolment of their children within the school will be required. These will be discussed and explained at the initial interview.

Each student will be required to submit any past school records, health concerns and issues, etc. All of these will be presented in the initial admissions interview.

Once the student has been accepted, a standard grade appropriate test will be administered to those enrolling in grade 2 and up. This is given to determine the Faith and academic needs of the child permitting us to establish a curriculum approach that will ensure success.

All parents who wish to become members of our "Seraphic Faith Formation Conferences" which are held monthly, will benefit from a reduced tuition fee for their child/children enrolled in the school. (Please refer to Tuition Schedule for more information.)

Parents, please be aware that we teach the Faith in its purity and in faithful accordance to the teaching Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

Our students will learn their catechism fully, as well as the dogmas and tenets of our Faith, Church History and Apologetics. Along with this, they will be taught a practical application of their Faith via the spirituality of the holy friar, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Rafka, a modern Maronite Saint, (Seraphim Academy's patron saints).