With our new 21st century "Flat" World Economy, global shifts, worldwide dialogues and interactions, educational prowess is required more than ever.

We are at the stage of an educational emergency. Today's citizens and employees need highly cultivated and specific skills in creativity, team playing, social adequacy in interaction with plural cultural, religious and global entities, languages, etc. in order to remain and flourish as a first world nation.

A Traditional Catholic Classical Education (with some modern adaptations and inclusions) is, precisely, the type of education that will facilitate our goal to form our students in excellence, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Such an education is a curriculum that is rooted upon the studies of Latin and Greek, and those civilizations that gave birth to them.

".....As education reaches a certain point of development, it opens up new and wider cultural horizons. It ceases to be a utilitarian parochial effort for the maintenance of a minimum standard or religious instruction and becomes the gateway to the wider kingdom of Catholic culture which has two thousand years of tradition behind it and is literally world-wide in its extent and scope."

Chistopher Dawson's hope expressed in 1961